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serve through design.

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who we are.

Proudly woman-owned and operated, See Arch was founded with the simple intention: 

to provide design as a service to its clients, its team and the community at large.

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We believe that beauty is created through rigor in our attention to detail and our commitment to process. 


We demand that the architectural field must become more progressive, diverse, and equitable.  


We believe in leading the change we crave from the inside out by running our office democratically, collaboratively, and centering resilient process. 


We reject pretentious design and big egos. 


We believe in cultivating deep curiosity to build design that truly empathizes with the needs of our clients, intersecting communities, and place. 


We believe generous and transparent communication between architects, clients, and design-build collaborators improves not only the quality of our design but also the field at large. 

We believe in

being bold.

staying humble.

asking questions.

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As place-makers,  See Arch carries the responsibility of enriching the environments around us.  A range of architecture, interior design, permitting and real-estate services are offered to suit our clients and each of their unique projects.  


See Arch has offices based in the Bay Area and Sonoma County and is qualified to work throughout the US and Canada. 

Reach out for any reason, we love to hear from collaborators and potential clients alike!

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