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maui retreat

The Maui Retreat was designed for San-Francisco-based clients planning their retirement on Maui.  After purchasing the property in the 90s, the clients have spent years since then landscaping it into a perfect paradise.  The home was designed to echo the detailed and tasteful nature of its occupants: expansive, travertine-covered walls line hallways,  treated walnut, oak, and cedar on the floors, ceilings, and cabinets and beautifully tactile fixtures were hand-selected down to the light switches and outlets.

While the Maui Retreat was designed around spectacular scenic views, it is also a space for the making and displaying of art.  Curating light, wall finishes and views throughout the interior of the home was a priority for the clients, one of whom is a San Francisco visual artist.

"It was a cooperative effort."

The client’s investment in the custom design process imbued our team with a sense of confidence and commitment.  Casual yet effective communication between us and the home’s occupants encouraged full participation in the design process; with sharp taste, the clients selected many of their own finishes and fixtures which were incorporated into our design details.

As with any hIllside site, the design of the Maui Retreat started with a site visit and study to understand each of the property’s spectacular views.  The dramatic scenery, lush gardens, and agricultural context infused our process with constant inspiration.

Early intentions were set to design for both north and south views: to the north are the property’s horse pasture, orchards, and ocean-view beyond while South presented a distant peak-view of Maui’s Haleakalā volcano.

Mindful of the client’s interest in horticulture and gardening, it was just as important to bring the outdoors in as it was to direct views out.  Interconnected indoor and outdoor spaces were incorporated into the design to feature the magnificent vegetation selected and maintained by the residents.  Recessed planters and courtyards frame the architecture of the home, providing a lush background to the contemporary lines and materials of the interior.

“Designed to feature spectacular views,

inside and out.”


Project Facts

Type: Ground-up, Single-Family Residential

Location: Maui, HI

Sq. Footage:  6,622 sq.ft.


SA Team

Sarah Ebner, Principal

Daniela Tenorio, Project Manager

Elizabeth Renner, Designer

Consulting Team

Architect of Record: Nick Wagner Architects

Civil Engineer: Linda Taylor Engineering

GC: Todd Boyd Homes

Millwork: HenryBuilt

Additional Credits

Designed for BONE Structure, Structural Engineer and Fabricator



The Architecture Community, "International Residential Architecture Award Winners 2020" , July 2020


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